Region 7


The Department of Trade and Industry-Central Visayas Regional Office or DTI Region 7 is charged with the promotion of an economic and business environment conducive to the birth and growth of enterprises and supportive of a fair and robust trade of goods and services within the region.
It is a coordinating agency for all government activities that relate to trade, industry, and investments as well as a regulatory body to ensure that fair competition prevails.
The Consumer Protection Division (CPD) implements the department’s consumer protection programs of the department. It educates consumers and implements programs and projects that create a healthy business environment. Its specific concerns include:
  • Consumer advocacy and education
  • Strengthening consumer organizations/ networks
  • Enforcement of fair trade laws and laws on standards
  • Monitoring of price and supply of basic necessities and prime commodities
  • Issuance of regional sales promo permits
The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Division (SDD) provides assistance in the development of local small and medium enterprises by:
  • Facilitating access to finance
  • Facilitating the establishment of livelihood and income generating projects
  • Conducting entrepreneurial trainings, product and market development seminars
  • Providing trade fair assistance and information
  • The Industry Development Division (IDD) is tasked to implement programs and projects that promote and develop trade by:
  • Facilitating the conduct of quality and productivity programs for industrial competitiveness
  • Assisting in the annual conduct of the regional competitiveness survey which rank cities and municipalities according to economic dynamism, government efficiency, infrastructure, and resilience.
  • Encouraging the development of eCommerce, innovation and creative economy