The Priority Areas in Western Visayas with investment potentials are:

  1. Offshoring and Outsourcing [given the adequate supply of power, telecommunications facilities, presence of colleges and universities, etc.
  2. Tourism including health & wellness [given the presence of hotel facilities, pension houses, spas & fitness gyms, private & public hospitals, historical & cultural heritage, malls & shopping centers, etc.]
  3. Agribusiness [given the vast tract of agricultural land, farm to market roads, post-harvest facilities, marine/aquatic resources, etc.]
  4. Mining [given the rich mineral resources-metallic & non-metallic such as copper, gold, silver, white clay, red-burning clay, semi-precious stones, coal, cement raw materials, limestone for agricultural and industry uses, silica, rock phosphate and guano and construction materials like sand and gravel]
  5. Infrastructure Development Projects like Convention Center & Recreational Facilities/areas [given the lack of convention facilities & lack of recreational facilities].


  • Loomweaving and Food Processing (Aklan)
  • Food Processing and Gifts & Houseware (Antique)
  • Horticulture, Food Processing and
  • Gifts & Houseware (Capiz)
  • Food Processing and Lime (Guimaras)
  • Bamboo Fur. & Fur. and Food Processing (Iloilo)
  • Food Processing and Gifts & Houseware (Neg.Occ.)


  1. Bamboo
  2. Cacao
  3. Coffee
  4. Processed Foods
  5. Wearables and Homestyle
  6. Information and Technology – Business Processing Management (IT-BPM)



Priority Sector: LOOMWEAVING

Products include plain woven piña/piña seda cloths, abaca & raffia cloths, hand & machine embroidered cloths, barongs, gowns, shawls, bags, hats, cushion covers and other home furnishings & wearables the industry is subdivided into 3 subsectors: abaca, pina, raffia 43 firms comprise the sector, focus is on the 12 major players.


  • Priority Sector: MUSCOVADO
  • 144 firms comprise the sector, focus is on the 9 major players
  • Product line: muscovado sugar
  • Production capacity of the industry: 39,000 piculs per year
  • Existing Market: Italy
  • Target Market: Japan
  • Products exported: Muscovado Sugar


  • Priority Sector: HORTICULTURE
  • Major products include cut foliages , orchids, bromeliads, palms, flowering trees/shrubs, pot plants, fruit tree seedlings
  • Services: floral arrangement, landscaping, plant renting
  • 156 growers comprise the sector (50% are commercial growers, 40% backyard, 10% hobbyists), focus is on the 20 major players
  • Existing Market: Hong Kong, Japan
  • Target Market: Brunei, Southeast Asian Countries, Middle East
  • Products Exported: Dracaena sanderiana, Florida Beauty, Godseffiana, Polycias, Song of Korea, and Ophiopogon


  • Priority Sector: LIME
  • Small limers: 4 factories are into lime production, 1 is a cooperative with 120 members
  • Product line: industrial, agricultural, and quick lime
  • Lime deposit: 288 million MT
  • Total average annual output: 19,000 MT
  • Priority Sector: MANGO
  • Covers 5,203 hectares or 16% of Guimaras’ total land area
  • Total number of trees: 259,500 (190,000 fruit bearing & 69,500 non-fruit bearing)
  • Product line: fresh mangoes
  • Popular varieties: “carabao” and “pico”
  • Total number of mango growers: 7,252 (3,372 were accredited/assisted)
  • Volume of production in 2005: 10,902 MT
  • Existing Markets : U.S West Coast, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia
  • Target Market: Taiwan & other Asian Countries
  • Products: fresh mangoes


  • Priority Sector: BAMBOO
  • 10 major players comprise the sector, with 5 subcontractors and other municipal-based firms
  • Product lines: furniture, furnishings, gifts and housewares, toys
  • Existing Market: U.S.A, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Lebanon, Taiwan, Singapore, U.K., U.A.E, Portugal & India
  • Target Markets: European Countries, Mexico, Saudi Arabia
  • Products exported: Furniture: chairs, tables, cabinets, dividers
  • Furnishings: trays, vases, picture frames, lampshades, candle holders/covers, torches, crucifix, etc.

Negros Occidental

  • Priority Sector: GIFTWARE & HOLIDAY DECOR
  • 32 major players with 1,500 skilled production workers and 3,000 subcontractors comprise the sector product lines include laminated products, tabletops, gift and accessories, handmade paper, desk accessories and clocks.
  • Priority Sector: FOOD PROCESSING
  • 34 major players comprised the sector
  • Product lines:
    • Flour-based products such as piaya, barquillos, and other assorted pastries, noodles, native delicacies and a variety of cakes and pies
    • Resource-based products such as pickled products, muscovado sugar, banana chips, nata de coco, kaong, mango jam, chili sauces, fruit juices, red tiger prawn, crab meat, canned bangus, dried fish, squid flakes/rings, and tuyo in olive oil (herring); and tocino, chorizo, dried tapa, and other meat products.