Foreign Trade Service Corps and Coordinating Office (FTSCCO)



The Foreign Trade Service Corps and Coordinating Office (FTSCCO) is composed of Trade Representatives or Commercial Attaches representing the Commercial Posts of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) around the world.

The FTSCCO promotes the initiatives of the DTI, specifically on trade and investment promotions, as well as trade policy in key overseas markets.

As part of the DTI’s Trade and Investments Promotion Group, the FTSC works internationally to connect Philippine companies and investors with their counterparts abroad.


Althea Karen P. Antonio
Assistant Secretary
Anne Marie Kristine C. Umali
Foreign Trade Service Officer II
Mario C. Tani
Foreign Trade Service Officer II
Vince Lorenzo T. Liwanag
Foreign Trade Service Officer IV
Jollan Margaret A. Llaneza
Foreign Trade Service Officer IV
Rudolph Jay D. Velasco
Foreign Trade Service Officer IV


The FTSC understands that the lifeblood of international trade relies on credible information and nurtured relations among investors and businesses. We cater to this need by bringing down the physical and cultural borders of doing business across countries. This is facilitated by a wide support network of consulate offices, trade associations, special interest councils, and our government partners in the Philippines and various trading partners worldwide.


We work to advance the Philippines’ trade and investment interests through the following:

Trade Promotion. We contribute to increasing and sustaining Philippine exports through business matching, international networking with foreign buyers and trade organizations, and assistance to overseas and local businesses. We spearhead in-store promotions, catalogue shows, and campaigns with foreign businessmen, as well as trade missions to and from the Philippines.

Investment Promotion. Global financial institutions have recognized the Philippines as a key investment destination. We join investment missions to introduce foreign investors to Philippine businessmen who are open to capital infusion. Once potential and prospective investors (including Overseas Filipino Investors) are identified, investment advice and counseling are provided to them.

Commercial Intelligence. Information is critical in enabling businesses and investors make an informed decision on commercial matters. To meet this end, we conduct market research for specific Philippine products, including commercial, industrial, and economic monitoring to benefit the government, industry players, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) all over the Philippines.

Trade Negotiations. We recognize that trade policy provides the institutional setting within which trade and investment relations take place. We are the lead source of international business climate issues affecting trade negotiations and trade policy.

We also actively participate in multilateral trade engagements, within the forum of the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as bilateral and regional Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to harness trade opportunities for the Philippines’ economic development.


We are present in  28 key cities in 20 countries across the Asia and the Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, supported by a capital-based Coordinating Office. Our international presence ensures continuous monitoring of Philippine trade and investments globally.

The FTSC’s Coordinating Office in Manila manages the flow of information across the various Philippine Trade and Investment Centers.

Foreign Trade Service Corps

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