Gender and Development (GAD) Program


The Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Gender and Development Program follows closely the Magna Carta of Women (Republic Act 9710) passed in 2009, which provides specific interventions by DTI on women’s economic empowerment.

DTI programs that focus on women’s participation and benefits in livelihood and entrepreneurial activities are: (i) mainstreaming GAD in development plans, (ii) sustaining women in business, (iii) capacitating women in entrepreneurship, and (iv) greater and better access to business finance.

With the DTI Gender and Development (GAD) Agenda, Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) is possible!

Talaga nga namang “DTI got you” dahil sa mga programa at serbisyong handog ng DTI GAD Agenda upang mas palakasin ang partisipasyon ng mga kababaihan sa ekonomiya. Nariyan ang mga programa para sa:

• Kapatid Mentor Me – //
• Regional Interactive Platform for Philippine Exporters – //
• CTRL + BIZ –

• Pondo sa Pagbabago at Pagasenso – //
• COVID-19 Assistance to Restart Enterprises program – //

• One town, One product – //
• Go Lokal! –
• She Trades –

• Fabrication Laboratories – //
• Shared Service Facilities – //

• Consumer Care Webinars –
• E-presyo Online Price Monitoring System – //
• Consumer Redress Programs – //

Kaya naman tara na at tuklasin ang DTI GAD Agenda, ang recipe for success para sa mga kababaihan mapa-negosyante man, exporter o konsyumer.



  • Prepared Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) Evaluation Report of the 8 programs on SME Development and submitted it to Undersecretary Zenaida C Maglaya for approval and signature. Then submitted to PCW afterwards.
  • Collated 2018 Sex Disaggregated Data Report.


  • Conducted preparatory activities for the DTI Women’s Month celebration. Highlight is the GAD Exemplar Award for those who underwent Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) evaluation in 2018.


  • Submitted 2018 GAD Accomplishment Report to COA
  • Conducted GAD Sensitivity Training for Region IV A
  • Organized Flag Raising Ceremony activities and Awarding of GAD ICONS for the women’s month celebration for DTI.
  • Conducted interview with World Bank- International Finance Corporation (WB-IFC) on Gender Component of the Trade and Investment Project in the Philippines.
  • Participated in the Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring System (GMMS) Updating Meeting. The meeting was a briefing for the revised GAD Plan and Budget design and GMMS submissions.
  • Attended the Women’s Day Conference organized by the Philippine Commission on Women, where updates on the status of Filipino Women were presented. The following were also launched during the event:
  • Gender-Responsive Local Government (GERL) Assessment Tool; Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) Plan 2019-2025
  • Compendium of indicators for monitoring and evaluation of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (GEWE) in the Philippines.
  • Attended the Public Seminar on “Engendering Wok and Human Capital: Promoting Opportunities and Understanding Tradeoffs through Gender Lens” organized by the Philippine Institute on Development Studies (PIDS). The public seminar was held to disseminate PIDS’ research outputs on gender and development.
  • Participated in the National Validation Workshop for the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA) + 25 Philippine Progress Report. The BPfA is a landmark document for advancing the rights of women and gender equality worldwide. Spearheaded by the Philippine Commission on Women, the workshop sought to validate the accomplishments of concerned public and private agencies in relation to the 12 critical areas of BPfA. DTI provided inputs specifically on the areas of inclusive development, shared prosperity, and decent work.


  • Coordinated with DTI- Knowledge Management and Information Service (KMIS) and Great Women Project (GWP) implementers on the design of the digital wall including the write up for the GMEF awardees.


  • Submission of photos and write-ups to KMIS regarding the digital wall design in the DTI Main Building about DTI GAD activities and GREAT Women Project 1 beneficiaries.
  • Conducted HGDG evaluation of the Consumer Protection Group (CPG) on 14 May.
  • Received and processed 2020 GAD Plan of all regions and Head Office bureaus and service offices for consolidation of DTI GAD Plan to the GMMS.


  • Provided response to the Commission on Audit’s Audit Observation Memorandum on 2018 GAD Plan and Accomplishment Report.
  • Represented DTI on the Presentation of World Bank-National Economic and Development Authority study on the Determinants of Female Labor Force Participation in the Philippines.
  • Submitted inputs to the World Bank Study on Gender and Development Key Informant Interview Questionnaire.
  • Submitted the DTI Sex Disaggregated Data report for 2017 to 2018 to Philippine Statistics Authority and the Interagency Committee on Gender and Children Statistics (IACGS).
  • Coordinated with DTI- Consumer Policy and Advocacy Bureau (CPAB), Fair Trade enforcement Bureau (FTEB) and Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) on the conduct of HGDG evaluation of consumer welfare.
  • Participated in the 3rd Program Advisory Board of the Investing in Women Program at Crowne Plaza on 25 June 2019.


  • Conducted HGDG evaluation of DTI- Consumer Policy and Advocacy Bureau (CPAB) and DTI- Fair Trade enforcement Bureau (FTEB).
  • Provided information on Sex Disaggregated Data in response to the requests from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and Export Marketing Bureau (EMB).
  • Conducted GAD briefing session for the Region IV-B Management Committee.
  • Represented DTI in the Gnder Mainstreaming Monitoring System (GMMS) V 3.0 briefing session.


  • Finalized the DTI Wall Mural for the month of September with DTI- Knowledge Management and Information Service (KMIS).
  • Represented DTI in the meetings on Inter-Agency Committee on Gender and Children Statistics and UNDP Presentation of Philippine Study on Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (LBT Women).
  • Coordinated the participation of DTI delegates to the Women’s Business and Leadership Summit 2019 which was organized by the Women’s Business Council. The summit featured women in the digital and technological sphere as they talked about creating, capturing, and delivering value using ICT and digital tools which are now imperative in ways of doing business. Highlights of commissioned researches on access to finance, inclusive business, and women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) were also presented.


  • Conducted HGDG Evaluation of Regions I, II, III, XII, NCR, and CARAGA.
  • Provided logistical arrangements for the holding of DTI workshop on GAD Agenda.
Conduct of the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) Evaluation Workshop in DTI-NCR on 2-3 September 2019.
Conduct of the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) Evaluation Workshop in DTI Caraga on 5-6 September 2019.
Conduct of the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) Evaluation Workshop in DTI-Region 3 on 5-6 September 2019.
Conduct of the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) Evaluation Workshop in DTI-Region 2 on 30 September 2019 – 1 October 2019.

October – December

  • As the Department of Trade and Industry’s GAD secretariat, the RGMS has been implementing gender-related activities with DTI-bureaus and regional offices to mainstream GAD. In order to capture and report systematically the efforts being done on this aspect, DTI in 2018 launched the initiative “Pinay Leading Economic Advancement towards Development and Sustainability” or Pinay LEADS. It attempts to strengthen the collective efforts of the bureaus and offices of DTI in the delivery of services, highlighting those provided to women MSMEs to address gender concerns through the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) tool.

    From May to October of 2018, RGMS conducted HGDG evaluation and consultative workshops with the implementers of the eight (8) enrolled SME development programs, namely: Negosyo Center, SME Roving Academy (SMERA), Kapatid Mentor Me (KMME), Shared Service Facilities (SSF), One Town, One Product (OTOP), Industry Cluster and Enhancement (ICE), Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), and the Regional Interactive Platform for Philippine Exporters; and with the nine (9) DTI regional offices, namely: CAR, IV-A, IV-B, V, VII, VII, IX, X and XI. In 2019, the RGMS GAD team conducted several HGDG Evaluations with regional and provincial staff and clients of DTI Regions II, XII, and CARAGA.

    Overall, the results from the evaluation show that the majority of DTI’s SME development programs are gender sensitive. In actuality, the programs are able to reduce inequality and increase the opportunities for women entrepreneurs to access business and financial services, markets, and become more productive and efficient for the improvement of their socioeconomic welfare. However, the assessment also showed that there is a need to improve the incorporation of GAD in the activity design, monitoring and evaluation documents; and to make reporting in the GAD Accomplishment Report and GAD Plan and Budget more systematic. In this regard, DTI is optimistic that the HGDG evaluation and the planned fulfilment of the corrective actions, will help the agency achieve its objective of implementing genderresponsive programs.

FAPs - GAD-2

FAPs - GAD-1


  • Submitted to Commission on Audit (COA) the DTI Gender and Development (GAD) Accomplishment Report for 2017.
  • Initiated the start of the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) evaluation of 3 program areas initially identified in the 2017 GAD Assembly as follows:
    • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development Plan:  The Kapatid Mentor ME (KMME), Shared Services Facilities (SSF) and SME Roving Academy (SMERA)
    • Trade Promotion: Doing Business in Free Trade Areas (DBFTA) and Regional Interactive Platform for Philippine Exporters (RIPPLES)
    • Consumer Protection:  E-Presyo.
  • Participated in the Inter-agency committee meeting on Gender and Children Statistics, where the following were discussed and commented on:
    • 2018-2022 Statistical Development Program
    • Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Goal 5 Matrix of Indicators
    • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat (SWOT) Analysis
  • Drafted report for United Nations (UN) Commission on Human Rights on women in access to productive resources and finance
  • Coordinated meeting and prepared Undersecretary Maglaya’s presentation to Gender Equality Resource Center- Cooperative Development Authority (GERC-CDA) activity on GAD and Cooperatives activity in Cebu.
  • Prepared Undersecretary Maglaya’s presentation for Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC) business forum in Singapore.
  • Represented DTI in the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Dissemination Forum of the Evidence and Data for Gender Equality Project.
  • Conducted HGDG evaluation for the following programs: Negosyo Center; RIPPLES Plus; SSF; KMME; and SMERA
  • Participated in the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Gender Network workshop
  • Presented the foreign-funded projects handled by RGMS during the 3rd ROG Mancom in Butuan City, namely: Rural Agro-Industrial Partnership for Inclusive Development and Growth (RAPID Growth), Integrated Natural Resources Environmental Management Project (INREMP), The Gender-Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women Project 2 (GWP2) and the Pinay Leads.  Appreciating the importance and relevance of the Pinay Leading Economic Advancement Towards Development and Sustainability (LEADS) in the DTI’s GAD mainstreaming program, the Regional Directors requested that the HGDG evaluation be conducted in their respective regions, as well.  Schedules are being finalized.
  • Conducted HGDG evaluation of the OTOP Next Gen program, Regions 4B, 9, 11, and CAR, and the Industry Competitiveness Enhancement program of the Regional Operations Group.

  • Conducted initial discussion about the SheTrades project proposal from International Trade Center (ITC).
  • Drafted recommendations on House Bills concerning the establishment of provincial Crisis Action Centers for Women and Children. The recommendations were submitted to DTI-Bureau of Trade and Industrial Policy Research (BTIPR), DTI- Liaison Office for Legislative Affairs (LOLA) and DTI- Regional Operations Group (ROG).
  • Conferred with the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) on draft Women’s Empowerment, Development and Gender Equality (EDGE) chapter on Trade, Industry and Tourism regarding alignment of Outcome statements and responsible agencies.
  • Conducted HGDG evaluation with Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) National Program Office.
  • Conducted meeting with consultant Ms Lucy Lazo on HGDG evaluation and agreed to:
  • Postpone national consultation workshop in lieu of completion of regional consultation workshop with the remaining regions: I, II, III, VI, XII, Caraga and NCR.
  • Develop the HGDG outputs to deepen the gender analysis of DTI enterprise development program’s effect and impact on women entrepreneurs
  • Develop DTI GAD program in anticipation of PCW’s shift from examining activity-based GAD plan and budget to agency-outcome based GAD program
  • Conducted Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) workshop with Head Office bureaus/service offices and attached agencies on 12 Nov 2018.
  • Submitted GMEF Assessment and relevant Means of Verification (MOVs) to PCW.
  • Accomplishment Report and 2019 GAD Plan and Budget.
  • Participated, as a member of the Philippine Delegation, in the 61st UN Conference on the Status of Women (UNCSW), and prepared concept notes on the side event— initially to present Gender Responsive Value Chain Analysis (GGRVCA) tool but was reconceptualized to feature IP for IPs: T’boli Dream weavers of Southern Mindanao. This was presented at Malacanang and ACPC prior to the UNCSW. Also prepared the DTI inputs to the Philippine Delegation Report to Round Table Discussion on Decent Work.
  • Submitted hard copies of the 2018 GAD Plan and Budget and the 2016 GAD Accomplishment Report to DTI- (Financial Management Service) FMS. In preparation of this, drafted GAD Framework for Women as Consumers and consolidated 2016 GAD Accomplishment Report from DTI bureaus, service offices, regional offices and attached agencies.
  • For the celebration of the National Women’s Month (NWM):
    • Prepared graphics for Tarpaulin Lobby Display at DTI Main. Also emailed soft copy to all regional offices and Metro Manila buildings of DTI and attached agencies
    • Conducted a program for the DTI kick-off of NWM celebration during flag ceremony 6 March 2017
    • Posted information collaterals at DTI main building lobby for women’s month
    • Printed and distributed advocacy shirts for NWM to all head office bureaus and service offices
    • Coordinated NWM activities with Board of Investments (BOI), National Development Company (NDC), Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC), all regional offices, and Fair-Trade Enforcement Bureau (FTEB).
  • Conducted a PCW Executive Briefing on GAD including Planning and Budgeting for Assistant Secretary Vizmonte, as part of efforts to address the Audit Observation Memorandum on DTI’s GAD related accomplishment report on FY 2016. The briefing clarified international commitments, laws, and issuances concerning the implementation of GAD in agency PAPs.  The briefing resulted in instructions from Asec. Vismonte to RGMS, as DTI GAD Secretariat, to tightly and efficiently implement GAD related program and assist bureaus and regional offices in identifying and implementing GAD-related program in accordance to RA 9710 Magna Carta of Women (MCW) and its related issuances.  Further, the activity resulted in recommendation to focus on identifying DTI initiatives related to the MCW implementing rules and regulations on women economic empowerment; and the use of Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) to identify DTI major programs or projects that will be attributed as GAD-related and address the Audit Observation Memorandum (AOM) on DTI not being able to fulfill its 5% GAD commitment for 2016.
  • Revised the activity design, budget, and list of participants of the GAD Assembly Proposal which was submitted as response to the instruction by Assistant Secretary Vizmonte to identify major DTI programs and projects to undergo HGDG and attributed as GAD related.
  • Participated in the PCW consultation meeting on the revision of Joint Department of Budget and Management- Philippine Commission on Women (DBM-PCW) Memorandum Order on GAD Planning and Budgeting per RA 9710 or the Magna Carta of Women. Resource Generation and Management Service Bureau communicated its comments on the process of reporting and posting as not synchronized with the National Budget Call, very tedious, and Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring System (GMMS) as not user-friendly.
  • Conducted HGDG session with DTI Region X. The HGDG session focused on the region’s enterprise development program, chiefly on Mentor Me and Negosyo Centers, as major initiatives that can be reclassified in the 2018 GAD Plan and Budget as DTI’s major initiative in gender and development.
  • Conducted briefing for the Cambodian Public Officials Delegation on Gender and Development study tour.
  • Presented DTI GAD Framework plan to UP Women Study Center roundtable discussion on the Magna Carta of Women and on Rural Women.
  • Reviewed and prepared DTI GAD Plan, Sex Disaggregated Data on DTI Services, and other related documents in preparation for the validation workshop on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment.
  • Participated in the PCW workshop on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment (GEWE) Indicators validation
  • Participated in the convening of reorganized Interagency Committee on Gender and Children’s Statistics at the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) office.


DTI Gender and Development (GAD) Program 1Gender and Development (GAD) Program 2

  • Prepared and submitted GAD-related reports, as follows:
    • 2015 DTI GAD Accomplishment Report to COA and Philippine Commission on Women (PCW).
    • 2015 DTI Yearend Sex Disaggregated to PSA – Interagency Committee on Gender Statistics.
    • 2017 DTI GAD Plan and Budget to PCW through the Gender Mainstreaming Monitoring System (GMMS).
    • DTI inputs to the Philippine Report to the UN Committee Meeting on CEDAW
    • DTI inputs to the Inter Agency Committee on Gender Statistics during its quarterly meeting at the Philippine Statistics Authority
    • DTI Gender Mainstreaming and Evaluation Framework (GMEF) Report to the PCW.
  • Organized the following GAD-related activities:
    • DTI’s National Women’s Month Celebration on 14 March 2016. One of the highlights of the celebration is the mounting of a photo contest/exhibit with the theme “Juana Itaguyod Mo ang Pagiging Mapanuring Mamimili at Tagalikha ng Kalidad na Produkto”. The contest received 46 submissions from DTI employees in the Head Office and all regional and provincial offices. Ten (10) winners were selected and given various prizes.
    • DTI GAD Focal Persons Assembly which was participated by 46 participants representing 11 regions, 6 attached agencies and 9 HO bureaus and service offices. Assembly output includes among others, revised GAD Plan based on inputs from PCW and DTI reviewers.
    • One-on-one consultancy on GMEF and GAD Plan and Budget preparation for the following units: PEZA, IPO, PITC, BDTP, CPAB, HRAS and KMIS.
    • Gender Mainstreaming and Evaluation Framework for the following units: DTI Regions 1, 8, and 9, CEZA, IPO, PITC, NDC, FTEB, CIAP, PAB, BIS, DTI
    • Gender and Development Orientation for DTI-CARAGA.
  • Prepared and submitted Position Paper on SB 2982 and HB 6399 on Extended Maternal Leave and comments and recommendations on Enrolled Bill House Bill No. 5572 and Senate Bill No. 3209 on the “Anti-Mail Order Spouse Act.”
  • Prepared report to COA on corrective actions undertaken based on the 2015 Audit Observation Memorandum
DTI Gender and Development (GAD) Agenda

Thank GAD it’s Friday! The DTI remains committed to implement its Gender and Development (GAD) Agenda, as it recognizes gender equality as a fundamental value to consider in fulfilling our mandate. Tune in to our episode today to know more about our gender-awareness programs, such as Kapatid Mentor ME (KMME), Shared Service Facilities (SSF) Program, One Town, One Product (OTOP), Consumer Care webinars, among others.

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With the DTI Gender and Development (GAD) Agenda, Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) is possible! Talaga nga namang “DTI got you” dahil sa mga programa at serbisyong handog ng DTI GAD Agenda upang mas palakasin ang partisipasyon ng mga kababaihan sa ekonomiya. Nariyan ang mga programa para sa entrepreneurial skills training, access to finance, access to markets, access to technology, at consumer protection and welfare programs! Kaya naman tara na at tuklasin ang DTI GAD Agenda, ang recipe for success para sa mga kababaihan mapa-negosyante man, exporter o konsyumer.

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